A Standard Raw Material

Lehigh’s PolyDyne™ MRPs have been designed specifically for the tire and rubber industry. PolyDyne™ has become a standard raw material for customers in these segments—and an essential component of modern rubber compounding—and to date, it has been used in the manufacture of more than 400 million tires worldwide.

Specifically, PolyDyne™ is currently used by these customers for the following applications:

  • OEM and replacement passenger car tires, retreads, truck tires, off-road tires and farm tires.
  • Anti-vibration mounts, seals, hoses and gaskets, as well as natural rubber, EPDM rubber, nitrile rubber, and other rubber polymer products.

PolyDyne™ has consistent high quality and is metal- and fiber-free. It is available in a wide range of particle size distributions – from 40 to 200 mesh – to meet the performance requirements of different rubber applications. PolyDyne™:

  • Provides cost savings and stability over oil-based and rubber-based virgin materials
  • Is a sustainable material made from end-of-life tires and post-industrial rubber, helping to boost sustainability


PolyDyne Standard Product Specification Sheets 

Lehigh’s standard PolyDyne™ MRPs conform to ASTM D5603-01 classification. Lehigh also offers specialty products with unique particle size distributions and various polymer composition as well custom products.

PolyDyne can be incorporated into tires around the world, including Europe where our products have been tested by TÜV SÜD for the European market.