The Plant

Less than 100 miles from the French border, the town or Murillo del Fruto, is well situated with good connections to the major highways that serve Spain and Western Europe. It is also between the major shipping and manufacturing hubs of Barcelona and Bilbao. The plant design is by Lehigh Technologies and utilizes the patent protected turbo-mill technology that has been in use in the US plant in Tucker since 2007. Lehigh worked with Jex Engineering, a well-known British Engineering and Procurement Contractor to build the plant at the Indugarbi NFUs facility owned by our partner Hera. Engineering and specialist support was provided by the engineering team at Lehigh’s Tucker plant and also by Air Products.

The existing customer support team in Murillo will continue to provide customer service and logistics management.

The complete PolyDyne and MicroDyne product range will be available from the Spain plant along with the custom packaging options required for ease of use and quality management systems.

For more detailed information on Lehigh Europe, please contact Lluís Molina