The Next Phase of the Tire Industry

By: Kedar Murthy

Low oil and raw material prices are driving the industry to question the way it currently does business, in conjunction with increasing regulatory pressures and the influx of foreign tire companies building plants in North America.
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Why We Love Audits

By: Roshawn Johnson

Audit – a word that strikes fear into the hearts of the auditees. Audits typically involve a figure of authority looking at a company’s records and processes to identify problems that need to be fixed. Auditing is often considered a time-sink that takes employees away from other pressing company matters.
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The Next Generation of Tires: Green, Sustainable and Renewable

By: Tom Rosenmayer

Every revolution of a tire consumes energy. Internal friction during each revolution creates wasted heat and lost energy, typically referred to as “rolling resistance.”  Fuel-efficient “green” tires designed to minimize rolling resistance represent the fastest growing segment of the tire industry today.
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Now That Brexit is Happening, What Should Growth Companies Expect?

By: Alan Barton

UK voters have chosen, after months of campaigning by both sides, and over 40 years of membership, to exit the European Union. What should small, growth companies—like Lehigh Technologies, of which I serve as CEO—expect? First, a few caveats. One: The challenges that Lehigh and thousands of other growth companies face after this game-changing referendum are inconsequential compared to what the United Kingdom and the other European countries must grapple with. Two: As a Brit, I am saddened by the outcome of the referendum and believe the country has voted for a future with less opportunity for its young people at home and abroad.
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Rubber Modified Asphalt continues to soar in popularity throughout the USA.

By: Ryan Alleman

Modifying asphalt binders can be accomplished in many ways, and is no simple task. It takes knowledge, capital for specialized equipment, collaboration and coordination between many entities to make it happen. Access to several large-volume and commercially viable modifying materials is also critical, because civil projects are huge endeavors and require a reliable supply chain.
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