Lehigh Technologies is a growth-stage specialty chemicals company that produces high-performance micronized rubber powders (MRP), a sustainable raw material that reduces feedstock costs by up to 50 percent. By delivering performance with no compromises and significant cost savings, we strive to make sustainability an unbeatable proposition. We call it “green for free.”

MRP replaces oil- and rubber-based feedstocks in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications, including high performance tires, plastics, consumer goods, coatings, sealants, construction materials and asphalt. Lehigh technical experts collaborate with customers to optimize products for each application.  

Lehigh operates the world’s largest MRP manufacturing plant in Tucker, Georgia, with an annual production capacity of 140 million pounds. Lehigh’s state-of-the-art Application & Development Center is also located in Tucker and serves as an innovation hub where we conduct research and formulate MRPs in collaboration with our customers. We have six products to date, PolyDyne™, MicroDyne™, EkoDyne™, Enduraprene™, Rheopave™ and Zenoflex™, and continue to expand our range of solutions in our core markets. Lehigh Spain, our Barcelona-based subsidiary, is the seat of our European operations.

Lehigh’s customers include more than 60 leading tire, asphalt and plastics companies around the world. Since 2009, MRP sales have expanded from a few tire plants in the United States to more than 42 plants in 15 countries across the globe. To date, MRP has been used in over 400 million tires. Total savings over seven years by tire companies alone by using MRP is greater than $85 million. This has led to Lehigh’s annual growth rate of over 20 percent.

We’re honored to have been recognized by some of the leading organizations in the world, including the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg, iChemE and the Tire Technology Expo.