What I Learned from the Sustainability & Circular Economy Summit

By: Alan Barton

Following a recent speaking engagement at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Fourth Annual Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit, CEO Alan Barton shares his thoughts about the future of sustainability.
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The Latest from Spain

By: Jason Stravinski

The latest from the Spain plant project – Vice President of Operations, Jason Stravinski, just returned from a week at the project site…….
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The Future of Rubber Modified Asphalts

By: Tom Rosenmayer

Michelin’s equation for sustainable mobility now includes Lehigh Technologies and rubber modified asphalt – a more sustainable option.
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The Next Phase of the Tire Industry

By: Kedar Murthy

Low oil and raw material prices are driving the industry to question the way it currently does business, in conjunction with increasing regulatory pressures and the influx of foreign tire companies building plants in North America.
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Why We Love Audits

By: Roshawn Johnson

Audit – a word that strikes fear into the hearts of the auditees. Audits typically involve a figure of authority looking at a company’s records and processes to identify problems that need to be fixed. Auditing is often considered a time-sink that takes employees away from other pressing company matters.
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